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Xenia Andriuta

Hello and welcome to my interpreting website.

I’m a conference interpreter living in London. My working languages are English, Russian and Romanian. My main areas of work include Statistics, Finance, and Business.

I take a special interest in empowering entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and Central Asia by providing them with the linguistic support that they need to access finance, expand their markets, and achieve their end goals. One of the things that sets me apart, according to my clients, is exceptional dedication. 

To learn more about my expertise and how I can assist you, please book a call with me now.

I look forward to becoming the partner that you have been looking for.

My recent engagements

My recent experience

From 2020 to 2022, I was the leading interpreter for Statistics Through Eastern Partnership, a Eurostat programme aimed at improving Statistics in Eastern Partnership countries.

  • Values: teamwork, end goal
  • Services: Remote simultaneous interpreting and translation
  • Expertise: Statistics, Data
  • Skills: Communication, organisational skills, team leading, seeing the bigger picture

Xenia has been interpreting in STEP activities since we went online at the beginning of the pandemic. She and her team have been instrumental in the online success we have had in the Eastern Partnership.

Klaus Balslev Pedersen
Key Expert and Team Leader, Statistics Through Eastern Partnership


In-Person or Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation and Document Translation For All of Your Russian-English, English-Russian, Romanian-English and English-Romanian Needs.


My background

I come from Moldova and I was raised bilingual with Russian and Romanian. I have been navigating between these two languages and cultures for as long as I can remember.

Before becoming an interpreter, I studied classical violin, finance and banking, legal translation — and only then — Conference Interpreting. In my spare time I enjoy acting as a supporting artist on film sets and I find that my acting experience makes me a better interpreter as well.

I started my first interpreting and translation business in 2015 in Chisinau, Moldova, and now I run my second language and events business in London, UK.

The two things I value the most in my client relationships are partnership and teamwork. When I come on board a project, I bring all of my knowledge and expertise with me. Beyond speaking the languages, I speak the cultures that come with them; I know how to read a room and get a message across confidently.

My services

Simultaneous interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting

Event management

What my clients say:

”The Center of Excellence in Finance supports capacity development of public officials and their institutions in South-East Europe through learning and knowledge sharing. Recently, Xenia provided us with a great service during the delivery of a webinar series for Moldovan stakeholders in December 2021. We are fascinated by her professionalism and look forward to cooperating again. ”

Bensu Gövsa Tulgar,
Event Management Professional,
Center of Excellence in Finance.

The types of organisations I work with:

European institutions

UN agencies

International consultancies

Media outlets